Xlerator Wheel Stands 
The Xlerator Wheel Stand is a metal stand that holds video game racing wheels, like Logitech G27 and new Thrustmaster TX , in a comfortable and stable driving position. Stand can be used with your existing furniture. It holds the wheel and pedals very stable to get the most from your equipment, yet stores very quickly and easily. Has no pole between your legs to interfere with your movement and is totally adjustable for a comfortable driving position. Stand lifts up and stands on extra legs on the bottom part of the stand making it easy to get in and out. With the stand upright the pedals fold up into the stand to make it easy to store in corner or closet. The stability rivals and is actually better than most expensive cockpits. If you don't have a dedicated room for a huge expensive cockpit and want to be able to put your stand away and set it up easily, this unique and very functional design is one of the best values on the market. One of the best compliments customers give the stand is, the first thing they notice about the stand is, they don't notice the stand! Nothing in your way, controls right there, you are free to race unhindered by equipment. Get better lap times and impress your racing buddies with this very sturdy and sleek looking stand. Stores nicely for a small apartment and will surely please the significant other in your life not having a big thing lying around the living room. Take your driving games to the next level and be smart with your money, this stand does it all.  

Xlerator stands work with the X-Rocker chairs
I have to say that I have really enjoyed testing the new X-Rocker Pro chair in pictures below. Having the sound and feedback through the chair, adds a great deal of realism to the game. Had to modify the chair a little (shims under front of chair to tilt back for me to be comfortable). Also designed and 3D printed adapters for the legs to set in on top of chair hump. Please see the "Things on Thingiverse" tab to find out about 3D printing your XRocker chair supports. The regular lap bar XL20 stand will fit on the hump of chair but need a little something to help keep it there under hard driving. This is one of the most stable setups I have ever driven, combined with the sound from chair, this is a setup that will rival expensive sim racing chassis. It totally immerses you in the driving experiance. The rear engine cars are a total blast! Awesome chair!
  Also in the pictures below is the new XL60R-L Low Mount Shifter Adapter I am working on that will fit Logitech G25-G27, Thrustmaster TH8RS-TH8A, Fanatec CSS and SQ shifters. Available for special order (contact us for more info). Will be available in Right and Left hand drive. Works very well with the X-Rocker chair.

XL20-XL21 Xlerator Wheel Stand works with
Fanatec Forza Motorsports CSR Wheel/Pedals/Shifter

XL20 Xlerator Wheel Stand with Fanatec Forza Motorsports CSR Wheel/Pedals/Shifter

          Logitech G25-G27            Fantec 911 Turbo S/Clubsport        Thrustmaster T500RS

  The new XL20 Regular Lap Bar Stand and XL21 Big Boy Lap Bar Stand for the new high end steering wheels will be a multi-fit wheel stand that will fit the Logitech G25/27 and Fanatec Wheels, also drilled for Thrustmaster T500RS and TX wheels. It has shifter adapters for both Logitech and Fantec (Shifter adapter for TH8RS will be available soon, contact us for more info) and comes with all fasteners you need to start racing. Please see the XL20 products page for more info on the new XL20 and XL21 stands. Available on Amazon and ebay.

  There are also some new YouTube instructional videos on the XL20-21 Instructions page that will help with assembling the stand and wiring it up. Also a video of how to mount the Logitech G27 wheel that has some great short cuts that will help mount the pedals, wheel and wire it up.

Here is a nice review of the XL20 stand with the Fanatec Forza Motorsports CSR Wheel and CSR Elite pedals done by Doug at SimRacingReview.



Here is a YouTube video of the difference between the Regluar and Big Boy Lap Bars to help you decide wich Lap Bar is best for your body size and chair.


Here is a list of what steering wheels can be used wth what Xlerator Wheel Stands.

Logitech Driving Force (XL3 and XL4 stands)
Logitech Driving Force Pro (XL3 and XL4 stands)
Logitech Driving Force GT (XL3  and XL4 stands)
Logitech Driving Force EX (XL3 and XL4 stands)
Logitech DriveFX (XL3 and XL4 stands)
Logitech Momo (XL3 and XL4 stands)
Logitech G25 and G27 (XL20 and XL21 stands)
Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel (XL7 and XL8 has XL52 adapter kit)
Fanatec Carrera (XL20 and XL21 stand)
Fanatec GT2 (XL20 and XL21 stand)
Fanatec 911 Turbo S (XL20 and XL21 stand)
Fanatec GT3 RS Wheel and Clubsport pedals (XL20 and XL21 stand)
Fanatec Forza Motorsports CSR Wheel (XL20-XL21 Stand)
Fanatec CSR Elite Wheel (XL20-XL21 stand) but needs Fanatec wheel adapter plate
Thurstmaster T500RS (XL20-21 Stand) Cannot use pedals in GT-Rally Pos.
Thrustmaster TX 458 wheel (XL20-21 Stand) pan needs drilled for stock pedals
None of the Madcatz wheels will work on the stands at this time
Some other Thrustmaster wheels will work on the stand with modifications

The Original XL3-XL4 Xlerator Wheel Stands
 Pictures of the original XL3 Regular Xlerator Wheel Stand with Logitech Driving Force Pro Steering Wheel
Xlerator Wheel Stands

The Xlerator Wheel Stand is a metal stand that holds video game steering wheels in a comfortable and stable driving position. Usually after buying a video game steering wheel, users find out the TV tray, coffee table or just sitting the wheel on your lap, just is not very comfortable or stable. Buying a huge, expensive racing chassis to hold your steering wheel isn’t the best option for most. The Xlerator wheel stand gives you all the benefits of a racing chassis, with out the expense and is very easy to store. It can be used in your living room with about any sofa or chair. When done racing it stands on a leg/s that keeps it upright making it easy to store in a corner or closet.
  Stability is the most important thing when screaming through the turns on your favorite track. The last thing you need is the steering wheel flopping around on you or the pedals slipping away or moving. The unique design of the Xlerator Wheel Stand mates the steering wheel and the pedals as one unit. The other plus about this design is your ability to use cross pedal foot action without a bar between your legs to restrict your movement, this is important when using the Logitech/Fanatec wheels with the clutch, brake and gas pedals.
 The steering wheel clamps to a metal ledge that is welded to a U-shaped bar that sits across your lap on your sofa or chair. The pedals sit on a metal pan that is attached to the stand on another U-shaped bar, that sits on the floor. The bar that connects the upper and lower part has a telescoping three positions slider for adjustment. The pedal pan also adjusts up and down for a good angle for your feet on the pedals, very important for long endurance races. These adjustments allow the user to dial in a comfortable driving position for about any chair or body size.
  The Xlerator stand was designed for steering wheels that clamp to a table. But adapters made by Xlerator allow the stand to be used with the Xbox 360 wireless racing wheel and the Logitech G25-G27 and Fanatec steering wheels for the remote mount shifter and Clutch. 
   Xlerator makes two sizes of Lap Bars, the Regular Lap Bar Stand will fit people up to 6’2” and 220 lbs and the Big Boy Lap Bar stand will fit people over that up to 6'4", 290-300lbs. The Big Boy stand is two inches wider at the lap bar and both have adjustable telescoping lap bar extensions, that lifts the wheel up off your lap for larger users. For smaller users if you can almost touch the floor from your chair the regular stand will work. There are some tips to accomodate smaller drivers in care and tips. 
  This video game racing wheel stand is very easy to use and set up, very sturdy and stable, and very storable, making it wife and girlfriend approved! Don’t put out big bucks for a racing chassis that takes up half your living room or a setup that will allow the pedals to move or has a pole between your legs. Get the Xlerator Wheel Stand for your favorite steering wheel. If you are serious about your game and want to get the most out of your video game steering wheel, then the Xlerator Wheel Stand is the answer. After all stability is everything!

  Please see the rest of the website for more information on individual stands and adapters. Lots more information on adjusting your stand, pedal pan drilling and care, under instructionscare and tips. 

  Please note that most of the steering wheels that fit the XL3-XL4 Stands will have to have the pedals mounted to the stand to be able to store the stand easily and keep the pedals from moving when driving. There are pre-drilled holes to screw into the bottom of pedals, or you can use Velcro sticky tape. Please see pedal pan drilling in the Instructions tab.

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